To those who may not be familiar with Chris, he is a genuine, charismatic, creative personality, an out of the box thinker, always thinking about the “Next Step” persistently pursuing his goals and dreams. His life has always been in the entertainment performance industry ever since he was a kid doing talent shows in the 4th grade, now nearly over 3 decades he continues to follows his dreams, growing, learning & perfecting his craft and skills.

Over the years he has been featured in many areas of music, TV/Radio from NYC, Los Angles and now Miami, hosting special events, awards shows, concerts and TV/Media outlets, including iheart radio working on air at WKTU NY (Market 1), WBLI Long Island and Y100 Miami, in addition working with clear channel NYC, Bill Board, MTV, Emmy’s, Grammy’s and GQ Awards, working with brands like Cheerios, Verizon, MGM,  and many more.

Chris continues to curate and develop new creative & savvy business ventures & partnerships. Over the past decade Chris has additionally owned and operated multiple successful event & entertainment companies, he educated businessman with a BA in Entertainment Business, entrepreneurial, with loving 14-year marriage and counting, father 3 amazing’s kids and  devoted Christian.

Are you Ready for change, have you decided that enough was enough…school, work relationships, life…what does it mean to Reset? The world defines Reset as start a new, Reset.

When something is just not right, when it’s seems out of place, out of alinement, frozen.

Most of us live in a frozen world, stuck in our minds, unable to make anything work, lost confused, overwhelmed and we just can’t shut off, we can’t shut done we can’t start something new…caught up in the mind and not in life! Technology that is supposed to help us sometimes hurts us.

The same way we update, upgrade and restore our technology we do as humans, sources or life and energy we must, update, upgrade, restore and Restart by first resetting our current mental state!

The Beauty of the Power of RE, is that it is available anytime, anywhere regardless of your current state. Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be open unto you.

Think about the cycle of life each day each season the earth, our universe and life around us recycles and essentially resets so we can’t we, but the truth and power 1st starts in the mind.